The Barnard Exempt Firemen’s Association was incorporated for the relief, aid, and assistance of the members thereof, and their families, who are disabled or indigent, and the promotion of the welfare of the volunteer fire service in the Barnard Fire District. Members of the Barnard Fire Department are also accorded the same privileges.


Photo of the week

Can you tell where this is ?    When this is ?      Can you name the 8 men marching?

Answer submitted by Jim Derleth:
It is the start of the 1978 Barnard Parade. Location is probably just north of Barnard St.
Marchers are;
Front Row; Bill Rothaug, Ralph Brule, Bern Coddington and Garey Folts.
Back Row: Bill Burke, Herb Meier, Jim Derleth, Carl Veltri and Jack Norton

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JOhn Shick - President 
Rick Houseman - 1st VP
John McBeth - 2nd VP
Bob Harrison - Treasurer
Sandi Hillebrandt - Secretary 
doug scarson - Chief Engineer 
Ron Rozinski - Assistant Chief Engineer
Frank Diehl - Warden 
Jim Derleth - Sergeant at arms


Gerry Dunst  - Chairman
mike pospula - vice chairman
Paul VanLare      Dick Davis     Tom Cappon
Exempt Historian - Mark Renz
Contact us with questions or submissions       email:
Barnard Exempt Firemen’s Association  360 Maiden Lane Rochester, NY  14616
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